[][src]Trait owning_ref::IntoErased

pub unsafe trait IntoErased<'a> {
    type Erased;
    fn into_erased(self) -> Self::Erased;

Helper trait for erasing the concrete type of what an owner derferences to, for example Box<T> -> Box<dyn Erased>. This would be unneeded with higher kinded types support in the language.

Associated Types

type Erased

Owner with the dereference type substituted to Erased.

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Required methods

fn into_erased(self) -> Self::Erased

Perform the type erasure.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl<'a, T: 'a> IntoErased<'a> for Box<T>[src]

type Erased = Box<dyn Erased + 'a>

impl<'a, T: 'a> IntoErased<'a> for Rc<T>[src]

type Erased = Rc<dyn Erased + 'a>

impl<'a, T: 'a> IntoErased<'a> for Arc<T>[src]

type Erased = Arc<dyn Erased + 'a>

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